Friday, February 19, 2010

Expensive Home Recievers How Do I Up The Voltage In My Home??????

How do i up the voltage in my home?????? - expensive home recievers

I tried to Direct TV said this weekend, and the man he couldnt work recipients of my house because it is a hollow voltage.the voltage was 116 and I need atleast 120, how can my blood? Easy? Is it expensive?


redhzkin... said...

A complaint to their provider of electricity, the tension that they control. However, to ensure each device in the voltage range of 10% of employees if your receiver can not verify, that it is likely to cause to deliver.

Apophis Ascended said...

The kind of Direct TV is a smoke your @ ss! Financial voltage should be 110-120 VAC, 220-240 VAC disconnected the breaker box in your house. My average household size tension, measured with a volt meter, 114 VAC, and the recipients of my work is very good! (Voltage US / Canada)

Colanth said...

He knows whereof he speaks. 110 to 125 devices to work. Is this the man who bought the game tell him to fix it or take.

Anonymous said...

First, 116V AC should be no problem. They should also no more than 110 V AC.

Then try a high-quality equipment online uninterruptible power supply.
Get a good as the AIA brand RS 600VA to 700VA up. Automatically increase the additional energy, the voltage to 120 V AC.

It is likely that the cable as long as it is to lose the signal. RG-9 and the thickness of 3 / 16 inch diameter hardware expensive, compared to the usual RG-58 or RG-59. Do not 75 ohms 50 ohms, but I forget now who is who. Other connections in the line of weakening the power of the RF.

The UPS will cost $ 100 to $ 160 The RG-9 material is more than a dollar per foot. RG-58 / RG-59 30 cents to 60 cents onFoot.

For a good reception, a piece all the way to the antenna on the roof of the cable box. No plug in this work at all.

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