Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Am A Firefighter Do I Have A Better Or Worse Chance Of Being Hired As A Firefighter Because I Am A Female?

Do I have a better or worse chance of being hired as a firefighter because i am a female? - i am a firefighter

Mixed Bag .. Some departments may be given preferential treatment in the hiring process, but they still need the class of the Academy of the Ministry and do not let go.

In my class, use 2 female recruits, not much, but it was a notch above a good number of boys and from that what I heard, he did a good job. So if you want it done do not expect to close, but be prepared, and to take a break for a woman.


pancaker... said...

has a worse chance. my father is a fireman, and told his superiors that he had bad experiences with women firefighters. Once a woman has refused to enter a burning house, because it is "dangerous" and had to fire into the room to say, and call someone (never enter a burning building alone). Also, if you are pregnant, the whole of it is superfluous, so that one person. No estoy tratando de estereotipar a las Mujeres sin embargo, usted puede ser que aman el peligro, pero tienen que tener en cuenta el hecho de que usted quede embarazada

Lil' E. said...

Go for it

To begin, we must at least. Then you need to know what the initial tests must be met. Therefore, they are willing) in a position to pass any test, the next test of fitness (. Once completed, all previous jobs, as in its guidelines, written, oral, history, physical examination of the competition if an offer is made, authorized to take it.

Simply because someone is a bad experience with women who had no possibility of a difficult period. Go ahead, find women soldiers and talk to them to ask for advice.

funkyfis... said...

It should make no difference.

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