Monday, February 8, 2010

Upscale Shoe Boutiques Help Me Name My Bridesmaid Boutique!?

Help me name my bridesmaid boutique!? - upscale shoe boutiques

I try to open a luxury boutique exclusively on the bridesmaid dress. My target customer is 18-35, stylistic awareness and sensitivity of modern and sophisticated. The shop is located in a new commercial area with some pretty high-end from some shops. 3.5 to high-end designers, hair accessories (clips, jewelry, handbags and shoes) and some lingerie. Operate by appointment. My direct competition is a franchise company called Bella Bridesmaid with a similar business model, but we take a different design lines. Other stores throughout the country as follows: a bridesmaid flair, turn blue, here comes the bridesmaid. I want something short (This is the maid of honor is nice, but too long I think) and catchy that reflects the nature of business and my clients.


...Melis... said...

If the exclusive focus on something that does not want that a "nice" names. Cute is not a luxury.
Bella Bridesmaid is.
You want to keep things simple.
Often exotic names like Bella or DeMario, or something that sounds a little foreign (mainly French and Italian) make consumers think about luxury and class.

Miss Chievous said...

Always a bridesmaid =)

Donna W said...

ok ... I always liked the bridesmaid --

My first thought was

Beautiful Bridesmaid ... with a slogan like this:
The bride is beautiful on this day his closest friends must also

Not yet ... But in this direction.

mgkazan said...

How about:

Flavor of the Day

Original sound and catchy

KayCee said...

How about ...." Always the bridesmaid never the bride "....

KayCee said...

How about ...." Always the bridesmaid never the bride "....

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