Monday, December 28, 2009

Burton Socks I Wear A Size 9.5 In Regular Shoes. Are 10.5 Burton Hail 2007 Boots Too Big For Me?

I wear a size 9.5 in regular shoes. are 10.5 Burton Hail 2007 boots too big for me? - burton socks

If I do I rent a snowboard at 10 (because they) have an average size. The tip of the big toe was hurting a bit the last time and I was fine with socks football. When I double-layer socks, shoes size 10.5 Hail Burton would be a good fit? or too large? (I'm buying online so can not test it yet) Please note that 07 are up to no 09, I-Shop is not. Thank you!

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Jake M said...

I do not recommend without buying shoes online, at least they tried first. Your best chance to start properly on their feet and keep pressure points wrong. I propose to do something is to try many different brands boarding socks, make sure to go and even a few jumps in them. You want to make sure that they fit tightly, the fingers should just touch the tip of the boot, but it should not crack.

And something that most people know, not new, the decision for a snowboard boot size reduction of the size scale of a full size. You can do this because it seems to us over the shoe should fit snugly and with time and use of the boat really packed, so if you have a boat that is loose and use it to resolve to buy only with time and, Denial-of-control over the forum.

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