Thursday, December 31, 2009

Senseo Coffee Pod System Single Serve 'pod' Coffee Systems?

Single serve 'pod' coffee systems? - senseo coffee pod system

Has anyone used a "ststem coffee pod?" I have the Senseo (got lucky and got the system, a bag of beans, and a storage free marketing promotions for $ 70). Coffee is not bad, just weak, even if you Double click sleeves. I was told that the sleeves (for the work of other systems of the Senseo even if they say no, but because they want to buy their products).

Has anyone tried other brands pod? Labeling and fry? are the strongest with the best taste?

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Kevin G said...

I also have a Senseo ... I agree with what he did not talk about it as much as anyone I wanted. I pods Senseo Dark Roast, and that seems to work for me, but I think Wal-Mart) pods foldgers against all types of machines in a cup (and from the list on the back of the Senseo "packaging. I bought a roasting are Colombia, but also receive Cappachino and French vanilla. Cappachino I like, but not learned French vanilla was. The Colombian blend very well, but I was stronger again, but it is used as a powerful Egleberts Senseo. Hope your help ...

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