Friday, January 1, 2010

Hair Loss In African American Women I'm African American And I'm Interested In Getting The Japanese Relaxer Anyone Have Advice?

I'm African American and I'm interested in getting the Japanese Relaxer anyone have advice? - hair loss in african american women

I want to change, but I am afraid that the hard and the appearance of regular relaxation. 11 years ago at the age of 16 years, into a room and half of the losses on the length of the hair in the tub. I do not like them, but I'm tired and want a change lichens. I want straight hair and I would try relaxing Japanese. Afro-Americans have used to good (or bad) results? Each room with warnings? I'm going to a salon like every woman, but I'm afraid to chage in your hair! Help!

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reddy_lo... said...

Hold .. I am confused ..

You have missed a lot of hair with a sedative. Afraid to take another .. You know, muscle relaxants damage and loss of hair due to personal experience.

(However, you should, to the easing of Japan, which will break the hair permanently, and even harder than other black women use underwear relaxants) ???????

That means that I am drinking a bottle of vodka is bad for me ... I will drink a bottle of gin into force.

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