Sunday, January 3, 2010

Adult Spiderman Costume Spiderman Costume??

Spiderman Costume?? - adult spiderman costume

Soo good, I know it's weird, but ...
My friends and I decided that we will all be the hero this Halloween.
Yes, I am a girl ... I'm 13 ... and I just have to Spiderman. Yes ... MAN. My friend Alice is to be superman, not a child, so I am the type of form will also be =] (the form is a little ugly girl)

Well, that's my problem, you will agree that measures for the child and adult sizes can be found ... All young people are the costumes for Venom Spiderman-3 (black), so I was wondering if anyone a place, a teen (red white) spiderman costumes, because you have me ... soon.

A size 3 (Youth) in the pants / shorts that I always ... It can fit into a 1 and do not think I've ever seen a .. 2 But a little larger than 3 ich SAG * lol *
I wear either a small or medium shirts ...
That the process of the muscles or not, all spiderman well and must be dimensioned in such a way for me to adapt.

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CherryCh... said...

I think you should get a red knit dress and leggings, or do it yourself with a waterproof pen. His face is easy .. Use paint to gel my hair and face ... . prove

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