Saturday, January 23, 2010

Discus Fish Deformities Discus Fish Deformities ???? [ With Photos ] Have A Look?

Discus fish deformities ???? [ with photos ] have a look? - discus fish deformities

Discus fish and I yesterday, the Finn with a short range, as one of my friends said, coaches said it was a genetic defect and will never heal, I tried to stress this point to seek, but not yet received information that you have any ideas this topic? ????????

give an explanation for the fish i caught
- Dorsal fin appears as if they were interrupted
Check out the photo ... ... ...

advice and suggestions or information on this
and healing every time ????????


The fish guy said...

It appears that genetic abnormalities, probably one of the parents some abnormalities as mild and had passed.

The loss of the dorsal fin may have been due to rot, Comon the disease.

Try a little salt and Melafix Aquarius changes with water twice a week and make sure that the properties of water are excellent, because the disk is very demanding.

You can not heal and will probably be some difficulty in swimming.

Good luck

tom said...

The first and probably the most common genetic defects. These deficiencies are caused by improper selection of the animals. The fish are more vulnerable to possible genetic defects of nature are collected. They are also more likely to cause birth defects if given you or the person that the fish or not individuals or a superior race select all in the same genetic pool in the vicinity.

Tonka the Tuxedo said...

genetic deformity? Fish from a breeder?

If this is true, then maybe the breeder has stopped breeding line!
Why sell genetically deformed fish?

anyway - if the fish was alive with other aggressive fish, the fish could have been attacked and chewed dorsal fin. I saw this happen.

They do not know if I ever heal.

howie said...

It seems that there are other fish divest differ cut meet tough advice and support to add plants, rocks, gravel and would be a good thing.

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