Saturday, January 9, 2010

Manhattan Commercial Real Estate Broker Do I Need To Be Licensed Real Estate Broker To Do Deal In New York?

Do I need to be licensed real estate broker to do deal in New York? - manhattan commercial real estate broker

I prepare the buyers and sellers to find a commercial property in Manhattan, and I am not entitled. I need a license fee for brokers? If so, when you develop a fee agreement, there are ways around it? Thanks


BoomChik... said...

If this is not a license, can not and will not be paid.

You can get a cross-license real estate agent in New York, if you are qualified and have a sponsor who admitted in New York. Search your state for a qualification here: ...

tianaram... said...

You must have a license. If the seller does not pay after the sale, there will be no resource. To protect yourself, you should not continue to pay to the Seller shall send to the Commission. If the supply falls, we will refund your money back.

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