Thursday, January 7, 2010

Playing Casino Tipping Question At Casino Playing While Playing Poker?

Tipping Question at casino playing while playing poker? - playing casino

I was playing at the casino the other day to 2 / 5 NL Texas Holdem

I have a jackpot of $ 950 and at the head of the dealer $ 10. Was this good advice or was cheap compared to people in general give a tip? I have not played live much, so do not know what I have to tip.


Player said...

It is not an amount up to the point of deposit if the service is good, as is selling it. Please note that tipping is a reward, and no one is there, if the service you receive is not entitled to the wrong point.

Lidia M said...

I think you should get a kiss from every 10 to 20 tip to

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