Friday, December 18, 2009

Paid Before And After Pictures I Was Recently Married In October 2008. My Photographer Went Out Of Business Before Giving Us Our Pictures.?

I was recently married in October 2008. My photographer went out of business before giving us our pictures.? - paid before and after pictures

Our package includes a pound of coffee table with all our wedding photos. I went online of accessories for our parents and grandparents and so on and buy the land was turned off after our photos online within 3 weeks. I sent an e-mail and never came back, and then called me into his company and the number was disconnected. I then looked at his phone in the White Pages and called, but the machine was another womans voice and it was a place of health. As next step I should for my photos? We pay the full rin before marriage, so we have a lot of money.

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